We have created this blog to enhance communication among everyone interested on the Sustaining Our Future world. Team members, but also youth in Europe and everyone interested on Sustainable Development and builiding a better world for tomorrow.

December 30, 2008

Hard-working in Messologgi

Here we are, some active AEGEE members from quite a lot of locals and countries, gathered all around the SuFu Project (Sustaining our Future if you don't know it yet) to make this project successful in its most important year, 2009.

During next year we will be busy almost every month with different events and activities. In February we will have the EBM; in March we have the innovative Think Tank near Brussels; in April and May we have Agora in Magusa, and the SCANdinavia Study Trip. June is the month of the European Day of Environment; and so on... Next entries of the blog will explain these actions in detail, come back to get more information.

During these days we are really enjoying Greek hospitality, indulging ourselves in copious and delicious meals, stealing a glance at the sea from the window of the room while we work, discovering the surprising nighlife of a small city. We are taking advantage of this opportunity to develop our team, knowing each other better and learning to work together in a coordinated way.

Being part of a European Project is an enriching experience; even if it consumes a considerable amount of time, it pays back well!

December 21, 2008

Looking forward to meet in Greece

I am really happy that once that I have gone through some days of family, mountains of food and several kilometers and means of transport, I will be one more year able to spend my New Year Eve (and surrounding days) working for AEGEE and more specially, the Environmental side of AEGEE.

In 2006 I was there when the EnWG seed was planted. In 2007 we developed the basics of the Flagship Project into a program that is able to generate movement inside our network.

Once again, here I am ready to meet old friends, make new ones, discover how they spend these days in Greece, what their traditions are, and some surprises that always await around the corner when you travel abroad.

Some people say, concerned, that Greece is not a safe place to visit in these days; but I am one of that people thinking that the best way to regain normality is acting normally. I will act carefully but I will not allow some vandals to ruin my visit to one country that has always been in my list "to come back" since I visited it when I was 11.