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May 29, 2009

Let's get "Sustainability" in the Spanish Dictionary!

I want to share something with all of you... I found out an iniciative that links to some prevoius post fo Kadri, and it is quite interesting idea: someone found out that in the Royal Academy of Spanish Language Dictionary there is not a definition of Sustainability.

They used the technologies that are now available and created a website to promote the inclusion of the word with a proper definition; but not only that, they are also asking people to propose definitions, to arrive to a common place for such an important word nowadays. Because, if lacking a definition is bad, a bad definition would be much worse.

Here is the webiste just for you to look at (if you understand Spanish would be much better):


In the Galeria link, you can find other kind of definitions: videos , pictures... people is quite creative on definitions!

But I want to see that AEGEE people is also creative, so you can send definitions here or you can even send videos there to that website. I will translate the best ones and send them to the website, so we gain also visibility for our project!

May 23, 2009

Danube Project, a Rich Source of Inspiration!

The Danube Project has just received a YiA grant for both of its seminars, one in The Danube Delta and the other in Bratislava taking place in august and september!

So, now, long preparations are being made in order to make these events trully remarkable!

The first seminar will be held in the Danube Delta, from 15-21 August.

The SuFu team has already prepared an adventurous program with study trips to local villages, to the famous Letea Forest, boat trips, workshops as well as practical activities like clean-up sessions, eco-friendly art, photo exhibition and many more to come...

But why choosing the Danube Delta for our project?

Danube Delta is literally a migrant birds paradise! Being declared a UNESCO heritage and a reservation of Biosphere the wonderful delta was formed as the Danube River reverses itself into the Black Sea.

There are around 331 species of birds, 83 species of fish, 2244 insects and 42 species of mammals, from which thousands of swans, pelicans, wild ducks and sturgeons. A very diverse flora with around 2000 types of plants has grown in the surroundings made up of channels, ponds, flooded areas and lakes as well as beaches and salt water areas. The flora also includes the famous Letea Forest, with climbing plants, elm and oak trees.

The population living in this area is quite small, the region being one of the least inhabited in Europe. There are around 27 villages in the region, in which the people usually live on what the Danube provides, by fishing, subsistence agriculture or local tourism.

The main sources of pollution come from pesticides, industrial and city residuals from the rivers that reverse into the Danube. Other source is garbage disposal form the local villages as well as from tourists.

That is why ecotourism and sustainable development are key-issues...
This is also why we have placed our project in this wonderful area!
This ...along with a possible weakness for "danubian" and romanian traditional cuisine, culture, all in an aegeean atmosphere...

May 18, 2009

EDE competition!

We are glad to let you know some news for European Day of Environment!

Join a photo/video competition "Renewable energy" from May 25th till June 12th!

"Sustaining our Future" team has formed a partnership with the connect2earth initative, run by WWF and IUCN, and powered by Nokia!

1) Make a short video or photo series in the topic of renewable energy - how it could fit to our everyday life, what good can it bring, what is the future of renewable energy, etc.

2) From May 25th to June 12th, upload it to www.connect2earth.org site and remember to put your antenna name and "EDE" in the description of your post. Details how to upload your photos/videos, can be found here.

3) On June 19th, a jury composed of one member from WWF, IUCN and the SuFu team will select the winner, who will be awarded an environmental mobile phone solar charger and get a special highlight on the connect2earth site!

4) All the uploaded videos and photos will also compete in the overall connect2earth competition lasting throughout the year, with the final prize of participation in the UN Climate Change Negotiations in Copenhagen in December.

You can already check out the site now: www.connect2earth.org

May 9, 2009

How to define "sustainable development"?

I'm sure most people have heard this term somewhere. Another thing is to actually understand what is meant with it, and moreover how to achieve it and why we would even want it?
The most known and sort of "official" definition says it's "development that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the abiliy of future generations to meet their needs". Lot's of broad words, isn't it?
In the survey made in autumn among AEGEE members, we asked the people to define it in their own words. And here's what came out.
Almost half of the answers mentioned that sustainable development is something keeping in mind the future generations, around 1/3 mentioned that it's mainly to protect and safeguard the environment. The 2 other sustainable development pillars (the concept consists of 3 pillars: environment, economy and society) were mentioned less: around 20% put the focus on economical development, and 15% to social welfare.
"Managing the resources" was also the keywords mentioned quite often, whether they were meant as natural resources or some other resources. As activity, desides using the word "development", respondents mentioned "efficient" or "rational resource use", "improvement of life quality" and few times also "technology". What could be also brought out is that the need to sutain our planet, world was mentioned more times than the needs and benefits to human race.
Of course there are always some more creative ways to define "sustainable development" like: "living without messing up the world too much" :)

What can be concluded based on this question? That in general, young people do have some overview what this concept means, the need to preserve our world for future generations and environmental protection as key activity seem to be the most important parts of it.

For those, wanting to read more about sustainable development definitions, click here. Also, a sort of speculation of the "official" definition can be found here.
Give your thoughts: how do you see sustainable development? Is it actually something we should strive for? How far can we actually develop?

May 3, 2009

European Day of Environment

Ready for next activity by the flagship project "Sustaining our Future"?

Want to be part of the SuFu Panda team?

Do you think that 5th of June is just an ordinary day?
Hmm, you`re wrong!
Actually, it is a very special day – World Environment Day!

We would like all AEGEE antennae to Take Action in the week around this special date.

Let`s discover and improve our environment … You don`t know how to do it???

Here`s a list with ideas for EDE activities.

And sample Environmental Actions that you can use.

To show you that is really not difficult, we have also brought out 15 steps how to organize EDE.

WE – YOUNG PEOPLE CAN TAKE A LEAD IN PRESERVING OUR COMMON FUTURE, so stop for a moment and watch the following video.

We hope your antenna will be enthusiast to cooperate with us in 2009 –

we have some surprises for those who will participate :)

CONTACT: If you want to apply with your local for the organization of an event in this frame or if you are just interested and want to get more information please write to Olga Daskali: olga.aegee@gmail.com.

Deadline of expressing your interest and sending plans of your event is 20th of May 2009!

You can always turn to SuFu team for help!