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January 29, 2009

The (biggest) environmental problem in Europe?

This was the question asked to AEGEE members in autumn 2008, during a survey about the ecological awareness of young Europeans. Now the time has come to start analysing the responses. And here I would like to list the problems that AEGEE'ans consider the most important ones in Europe nowadays.
Out of 145 respondents, there were over 40 different problems mentioned. That shows that indeed we have a lot of things to take care of. Compiling them into topics, here you can see the Top 10:

1) air pollution and greenhouse gases
2) unsustainable production and use of energy, fossil fuels
3) water problems (pollution, shortage of drinking water)
4) unsustainable transport, too many cars
5) waste problems and lack of recycling
6) over consumption and production, using too much resources
7) global warming and climate change
8) pollution generally
9) deforestration, unsustainable use of forests
10) lack of political will and international cooperation to make changes

Other problems mentioned were: nuclear pollution, people's awareness and attitude, problems connected to industries, agricultural production, consuming too much meat and fish, increasing poverty, pollution from cities, etc.

There was no big domination of one opinion (the no 1 problem was mentioned by around 12% of respondents), but it can be seen that many of the listed problems are more or less connected to climate change. This reminds me the poll made by EU in September 2008 showing also that Europeans worry a lot about climate change, BUT most of them are not willing to do much about it. What about us, the youth, AEGEE?

About the survey: The whole survey consisted of questions generally about sustainable development and about consumption patterns. It will be basis for a Master thesis and the overall final results will be published in summer 2009.

January 21, 2009

SuFu Newsletter Issue No 1!

Hello network!

Issue no 1 of SuFu newsletter is online and ready for you :D We are more than happy to share you the news and updates of AEGEE's Flagship Project, and we really have a lot to share :D Just click on the link below to download


Beautiful Messolonghi....such a nice place for a fruitful team meeting.... :D

Read it to learn about Messolonghi team meeting, about Think Tank, Sustainable SCANdinavia, Danube-Let it flow!, EDE, SuFu Panda, everything you have heard somewhere, you have read on a facebook status message, somebody told you on an AEGEE night and you want to know more about!

BIG.NEW.GREEN.YOU Greetings from SuFu Zoo!

January 16, 2009

SUFU on Facebook

Dear SUFU fans,

Recently Facebook group "Sustaining our Future 2009" was created. In 24 hours we managed to have 224 members, and this number is increasing constantly. If you are not there yet, please do not hesitate any more, support our project and JOIN NOW :)

Sustainably yours,

January 9, 2009

Granted YiA for SCANdinavia project

Just after SUFU meeting in Messolonghi, I received e-mail from Danish National Agency that our application for Scandinavia project is approved!

That means that 35 AEGEE members from all over the network will be hosted by AEGEE Copenhagen from 30th March to 5th April 2009. They will have chance to discover, learn, discuss and practice
through many various activities on the hottest topic nowadays - Sustainable development . They will meet Scandinavian top experts dealing with sustainable development, renewable energy and sustainable lifestyles, and visit the most successful enviroment responsible companies in Denmark, from recycling centre to organic farms, wind energy parks, etc...

But we will not reveal everything now, just keep in mind that this will be the event with totally innovative concept to AEGEE. And not to mentioned that it will be the most ambitious Scandinavian project in history of AEGEE.

So, be prepared, after a long time AEGEE Copenhagen is back on the track together with SUFU .

Stay tooned, more information about event and application procedure will follow soon.

BIG.NEW.GREEN.YOU greetings :)