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January 16, 2009

SUFU on Facebook

Dear SUFU fans,

Recently Facebook group "Sustaining our Future 2009" was created. In 24 hours we managed to have 224 members, and this number is increasing constantly. If you are not there yet, please do not hesitate any more, support our project and JOIN NOW :)

Sustainably yours,


Kadri said...

425 members in 5 days :)

Karmen said...

Really impressive number :) Go SuFu!

Miguel said...

If we are 15000 AEGEEans, i will not rest until we have 7500 members in Facebook group. And even Tiit!

Karmen said...

Ufff that's very daring statement :)
But it's really a pleasure to see so motivated, energetic and enthusiastic people, yeeey that's AEGEE spirit!!!

Karmen said...

I just sent invitation to all aegee people I know and they're not members of the SuFu group in FB yet. That means 176 people :)

Martien van Gool said...

530 now.. still a few to go ;-)