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May 23, 2009

Danube Project, a Rich Source of Inspiration!

The Danube Project has just received a YiA grant for both of its seminars, one in The Danube Delta and the other in Bratislava taking place in august and september!

So, now, long preparations are being made in order to make these events trully remarkable!

The first seminar will be held in the Danube Delta, from 15-21 August.

The SuFu team has already prepared an adventurous program with study trips to local villages, to the famous Letea Forest, boat trips, workshops as well as practical activities like clean-up sessions, eco-friendly art, photo exhibition and many more to come...

But why choosing the Danube Delta for our project?

Danube Delta is literally a migrant birds paradise! Being declared a UNESCO heritage and a reservation of Biosphere the wonderful delta was formed as the Danube River reverses itself into the Black Sea.

There are around 331 species of birds, 83 species of fish, 2244 insects and 42 species of mammals, from which thousands of swans, pelicans, wild ducks and sturgeons. A very diverse flora with around 2000 types of plants has grown in the surroundings made up of channels, ponds, flooded areas and lakes as well as beaches and salt water areas. The flora also includes the famous Letea Forest, with climbing plants, elm and oak trees.

The population living in this area is quite small, the region being one of the least inhabited in Europe. There are around 27 villages in the region, in which the people usually live on what the Danube provides, by fishing, subsistence agriculture or local tourism.

The main sources of pollution come from pesticides, industrial and city residuals from the rivers that reverse into the Danube. Other source is garbage disposal form the local villages as well as from tourists.

That is why ecotourism and sustainable development are key-issues...
This is also why we have placed our project in this wonderful area!
This ...along with a possible weakness for "danubian" and romanian traditional cuisine, culture, all in an aegeean atmosphere...

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