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May 3, 2009

European Day of Environment

Ready for next activity by the flagship project "Sustaining our Future"?

Want to be part of the SuFu Panda team?

Do you think that 5th of June is just an ordinary day?
Hmm, you`re wrong!
Actually, it is a very special day – World Environment Day!

We would like all AEGEE antennae to Take Action in the week around this special date.

Let`s discover and improve our environment … You don`t know how to do it???

Here`s a list with ideas for EDE activities.

And sample Environmental Actions that you can use.

To show you that is really not difficult, we have also brought out 15 steps how to organize EDE.

WE – YOUNG PEOPLE CAN TAKE A LEAD IN PRESERVING OUR COMMON FUTURE, so stop for a moment and watch the following video.

We hope your antenna will be enthusiast to cooperate with us in 2009 –

we have some surprises for those who will participate :)

CONTACT: If you want to apply with your local for the organization of an event in this frame or if you are just interested and want to get more information please write to Olga Daskali: olga.aegee@gmail.com.

Deadline of expressing your interest and sending plans of your event is 20th of May 2009!

You can always turn to SuFu team for help!


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