We have created this blog to enhance communication among everyone interested on the Sustaining Our Future world. Team members, but also youth in Europe and everyone interested on Sustainable Development and builiding a better world for tomorrow.

May 18, 2009

EDE competition!

We are glad to let you know some news for European Day of Environment!

Join a photo/video competition "Renewable energy" from May 25th till June 12th!

"Sustaining our Future" team has formed a partnership with the connect2earth initative, run by WWF and IUCN, and powered by Nokia!

1) Make a short video or photo series in the topic of renewable energy - how it could fit to our everyday life, what good can it bring, what is the future of renewable energy, etc.

2) From May 25th to June 12th, upload it to www.connect2earth.org site and remember to put your antenna name and "EDE" in the description of your post. Details how to upload your photos/videos, can be found here.

3) On June 19th, a jury composed of one member from WWF, IUCN and the SuFu team will select the winner, who will be awarded an environmental mobile phone solar charger and get a special highlight on the connect2earth site!

4) All the uploaded videos and photos will also compete in the overall connect2earth competition lasting throughout the year, with the final prize of participation in the UN Climate Change Negotiations in Copenhagen in December.

You can already check out the site now: www.connect2earth.org


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