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April 24, 2009

Big Fun + Hard Work + Nice Island = Magusa!!

SuFu Team is back from Magusa!! What a wonderful and exciting Agora we had, with nerves, a true presidental election for first time in years, the Agora expressing its opinion towards the CD work adn some other issues... If you were not there, you missed something great! SuFu Panda tried to keep people updated at the live agora website (thanks Chair Team for trying hard to make it real).

There was a nice workshop organized by SuFu, where our Danube girls presented the initiative. It was due to rush of plennary that workshops were not properly presented in front of all the delegates, so we didn't get as many interested people as we would have liked to. Be we had quality instead of quantity! They were participative and creative, and developed the project with their contribution. We want to thank all of them and hope to see YOU in one of our events (or in both!).

Other interesting things:
  • The Finding Sustainland SU from AEGEE Ankara was actively promoted by their organizing team, and it looks really great!
  • We have chosen a new flagship Topic, Beyond Europe, to be developed soon into a concrete project. I want to encourage the proposers to be ambitious, idealistic, positive and... good luck!!
  • Logistically it was again a perfect event, thanks to hard work from AEGEE-Magusa people, and the support of Near East University. Good food, big parties, and the AEGEE neighbourhood (a different kind of hosting. I just think that the people from Magusa should learn how to wake up people). Happy 10th, AEGEE-Magusa!! The cake was great!
  • People from Kyiv were already doing some FR for their univeristy with nice calendars. With each one you could also ask for a wish: mine was to see Dragan dressed up as SuFu Panda in Agora Kyiv, and I bought 5 calendars to increase my chances - the nice pictures of Kyiv girls had nothing to do, for sure :) . If you have an opportunity to ask for wishes, think about it... It could be so much fun! (Sorry Dragan if you read this)

That is all for now, from Morocco, the SuFu Panda.

PS: While we wait for more pics from our workshop, I borrowed some pics from Facebook, "thanks" to their owners for their understanding :)


Georgios Amp said...

I would like to see some pictures from the calendar :D

Kadri said...

Miguel, I hope your wish come true - that would be indeed a sight to see :)

Dragana said...

wooooow...can we order online :)
and all wishes can come true?
You know my wish....to get merry with rich guy so I dont have to study and work :PPpPp
Although seeing Dragan as panda also sounds interesting :P

Karmen said...

Miguel, your wish sounds pretty interesting indeed ;) but always be careful what you wish for :)))

bathmate said...

i am enjoy your comment. thank you very much


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