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October 17, 2008

SuFu in IUCN congress in Barcelona

From 5th to 9th of October, me and Miguel spent in 4th World Conservation Congress in Barcelona. The main organiser was IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), who is also SuFu's partner. Just like IUCN is one of the oldest and most important conservation networks in the world, is the congress one of the most important gathering in nature conservation and sustainability issues. It is held in every 4 years and offers the place for people from NGOs, businesses, academia from all the continents to network, share ideas, build partnerships, learn new things, etc.
The event was simply huge! 5 days, 7800 participants, over 800 different events - how many agorae would that make :P? And the diversity among these participants, types of events, tackled topics was also huge. I had the chance for example to meet with people from Costa Rica, India, South Africa, Japan - and they were all very interested in AEGEE as well actually :P I attended sessions about urban biodiversity, business tools for ecosystem assessment, the state of world's languages, youth's role in building sustainable future etc.
More info what contacts we made for SuFu and AEGEE, will follow soon. But here's few pictures from the event, as appetiser :)

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