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July 8, 2009

The Age of Stupid

During the Geen Week in Brussels we had a great opportunity to see the new documentary called The Age of Stupid. Its a move directed and written by Franny Armstrong, a nice lady who after the movie also gave a small talk.
For me it was the best documentary I have ever seen. Documentaries tend to be just a bit boring movies that aim to pass on the message in a very neutral way. So did this movie, but in a whole new way. The narrotor, Pete Postlethwaite was the last human being on the world (year 2050) and he just wondered, what happened that it all ended up like that.....
Its not the Greenpeace wale saving mission kind of movie, its a movie that makes every single person realise that jeopardising our whole planet because of a "ruined view" is just not worth it. (Theres a very interesting part in the movie about the wind turbines in some northern English village I believe, where the local people fight against sustainable ways of producing energy because the wind turbines are diminishing the values of their view. Really!!).
I really do recommend to see the movie!!
But even better, take your sceptic friend with you and show them the movie! I think its a great movie with which we can illustrate our point.

See the trailer at:

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