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February 19, 2009

Create and In(ter)notvate in Brussels!

For SuFu the EBM went very well! SuFu panda was well received, and we managed to get quite some turnout for the workshop of SuFu and Maastricht Graduate school of Governance. You can read more here later.

Moreover, applications for the think tank in Brussels are going well, but there are still some places left. So there is still the possibility to apply..

Join the AEGEE think tank!

Creative. International. Interdisciplinary. Interactive. Innovation!

The ISSUE is real. Our partners are looking for a SOLUTION. The actual question remains SECRET till the day. The PRIZE is 1000 Euro.

Have you always wanted to see if your brain is worth money?
We organise the 1st pan-European Youth Think Tank on mobility and energy, from 19 to 21 March in Brussels.

Outline of the Think Tank:
Participants will be given a real issue put forward by our business and institution partners, relating to sustainability, mobility and energy. In groups of five they will develop a fresh and innovative solution, using their creative problem solving skills.

The moment this issue is on the table, there are 6 hours to find a solution. All the necessary equipments will be available: Internet, your own network, assistance from AEGEE-Europe and our partner companies. General knowledge is important, yet something more is needed:


If you think you can push your ideas and create innovative solutions to the challenges offered during the day and if you believe your ideas might be worth 1000 Euro, then you are invited to this event.

This is your chance to show that your ideas are worth gold!

Participation is open to all students and young professionals.

Will you be the team that takes back home 1000 Euro? Will your ideas be implemented by top companies in Europe?

Find more information at: http://www.projects.aegee.org/sustaining/index.php?id=thinktank
You can apply via: http://www.karl.aegee.org/calendar.nsf/ID/CHL0903CRE!?Open
DEADLINE is Tuesday 24th February

CU in Brussels!

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